Introduction to Bible portions

These books are a translation of the Bible in the Selaru language. We use the Selaru language to tell the news from above. We use the Selaru language in these books so the people who live in these villages of Selaru will know the meaning found in the Bible.

The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew, while the New Testament was originally written in Greek. These languages were at the time the common language of the people. We have translated the meaning from the Bible into everyday Selaru, so all Selaru people can understand its meaning.

We know that what we’ve written in this book might not yet be completely accurate, so if there are any errors in grammar or spelling please let us know, so we can correct them.

Our pleasure will be that all the Selaru speakers who read the contents of this book can understand it, and their hearts enjoy and believe in the Word of God, so that it guides them into a life that is good.

The Selaru Language Team