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Friends and family, our team gives thanks to all who speak the Selaru Language.

This team has been working from the year 2006, so we have extended the work of others, those being the ones who first worked translating the Bible into the Selaru language.

These first people are Meli Hulkyawar from the town of Lingat, and Thom Lurusmanat from the town of Kandar, and Ecu Masombe, Nico Watumlawar and Swes Loblobly who are from the town of Namtabung. These people worked to translate the Bible into the Selaru language first, after that we cointinued that work from 2006 until now.

Our team was made up of six people, but Ely Oratmangun retired 2011, and the remaining five people are Bob Haluruk, Cau Marsela, Sem Malisngorar, Wem Refualu, and Anto Nureroan, who continue this work.

Therefore we give thanks to those who worked before us, and we ask God to guard them well in all their work and also their families from now on into the future.


From the Selaru Team